Where the Wild Bees Are

Where the Wild Bees Are


Where the Wild Bees Are

Where the Wild Bees Are
Wo die wilden Bienen wohnen

documentary short

Wild Bees usually live solitary lives in nesting sites they have dug themselves, where they prepare a breeding ground for their offspring. Many coexist with one plant species each, for which they are morphologically suitably equipped to get at the sweet nectar. But a mischief has spread in their habitat. Hundreds of thousands of farmed honey bees are buzzing around the yellow flowers, displacing the Wild Bees. The Wild Bees' habitat is disappearing. And with them, the plants that have relied on their faithful pollinators for the past millions of years.

Idea & cinematography: Pascal Kohler
Edited by: Andri Erdin
Sound design: Tobias Preisig
Music: Nina Marti
Sound: Lars Wicki
Grading: Tobias Wanner
Mentor: André Rey

Sony Fs5 MII with Odyssey RAW Recording
2K Flat, DCI color
Length: 9"30'
Production: Zurich University of the Arts, 2023